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SNOOPOOL, created by Lenios Demetriou.

SNOOPOOL was created by initially combining the games of Snooker and Pool, thereby creating a game that is not as difficult or complicated as Snooker but a fun and exciting game that is more technically challenging than Pool. SNOOPOOL has evolved to the game that it has now become.

SNOOPOOL is played with a snooker cue on a full-size snooker table using the addition of 2 new balls which are known as the SNOOPOOL balls. The new colours are Amethyst and Graphite. The game is played using a total of 16 balls: White ball (cue-ball), Black ball, 7 Colour balls: Yellow, Green, Brown, Blue, Pink, Amethyst and Graphite and 7 Red balls. One player plays for the 7 Colour balls and the other player plays for the 7 Red balls.

The objective of the game is for a player to pot all their chosen balls (7 Colours or 7 Reds) in any order and successfully pot the Black ball into any pocket with the cue-ball remaining on the table.

SNOOPOOL should be played in a polite and respectful manner. It is expected that players will always play the game in the true spirit of sportsmanship. Players are to shake hands before and after a competitive match.

Snoopool came about when I tried to persuade a very good friend and neighbour from our village called Tony Smith to play snooker with me after he kept winning at pool whenever we played. I then suggested a game of snooker and he declined as he has never played the game. In order to persuade him to join me at the local snooker club, I came up with this new game which I was sure he would play. He loved the idea, we played the new game and he still beat me!! I saw that there was fun and excitement to be had and also, I saw a potential business opportunity so I proceeded to protect the idea and I then developed it further to the game that it has now become. After all the protection rights were completed, I officially launched the game to the public at Crackington Snooker Club, Cornwall with an introduction evening in December 2018. I felt that as I had created the game in Cornwall the introduction evening and the very first Snoopool Club Trophy competition should be held at Crackington Snooker Club, Cornwall. Therefore, the very first ever Snoopool Club Trophy competition was held there in January 2019.

Since the competition at Crackington Snooker Club, we have been approached by a number of individuals and clubs in the UK, in Asia and Europe who are very keen to be involved in this amazing new game. As interest grows it is becoming clear that my simple idea has the potential to develop into a game that can be played and enjoyed across the world.

As I was in the process of developing Snoopool it came to my notice that snooker clubs up and down the country are struggling for membership so I feel that introducing my game to youngsters would encourage them to come to snooker clubs with their parents or guardians and enjoy and have fun playing the game of Snoopool. Snooker can be a daunting game for a young person to start with and can be considered by some to be complicated for youngsters to learn. Snoopool, on the other hand, is so much easier to learn and play while still using snooker techniques. As the techniques used to play Snoopool are the same as those used in snooker, I am of the firm belief that Snoopool is a very good stepping stone for youngsters to then progress to the full game of snooker with their techniques already in place.

We also encourage women to play and enter our competitions as this is a game that has no gender boundaries. There is no logical reason why there should be any gender issues and we encourage a level playing field for all. We are immensely proud that we had a female entrant to our first ever competition and hope that many more will follow her.

We are also proud to announce that we are supporters of The Cornwall Air Ambulance New Heli Appeal. This is a vital service provided from their base on Trevithick Downs near Newquay and funded entirely by charitable donations. They fly more than 800 missions every year bringing vital emergency medical treatment in minutes to patients across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. They do not receive any government support for these missions, and they rely entirely on the generosity of its supporters to keep flying, people like us and you. We plan to hold a fundraising evening for this appeal and details will appear on our website etc. once the date has been finalised. Find out more about their invaluable work from their link on our 'Links' page.

I hope you enjoy learning and playing my game of Snoopool.


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